Our promise: Music and Programming Solutions!
We never promise the impossible, but we know many ways to success. Sure we have our own research and consulting specials, labelled with specific names, however: what really matters is a scientifically perfect research data with results you can truly rely on for any music and programming decisions. And this is what we deliver to you anytime - so choose the best research tools for your station's needs:
  • Qualitative Market Research studies for Music and Programme Formats as well as Image Studies
  • Music Research, such as Auditorium Music Tests or Call-Outs
  • Programming Focus Groups
  • Development of individual, local music formats and strategic music rotations
  • Analysis cross-checks of music rotations, also created by scheduling music software (such as "RCS Selector")
  • Analysis and implementation of music research results, incl. current playlist songs as well
  • Strategic Programme Analysis tools comparing your own radio programme minute-by-minute with any other competitor in your market